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Elixir History

  The history and evolution of The Elixirs starts as a band known as "The Stumblers" around mid to late 2007.  Dan Tedder and Joe King the bands long time drummer were joined by Dan Savage on guitar.  In the early days of "The Stumblers" Dan Tedder played bass and wrote most of the music.  According to Dan "The Stumblers" couldn't really get anything going so they kind of moved on...  Dan Tedder and Joe King continued to write music and rehearse and eventually added an old friend R.S. Lowe on Bass.  Dan had moved from Bass to begin picking guitar at this point.  The first show for the new band now known as "The Boneyard Elixirs" was at The Berlin Pub on May 9th of 2008.  The Boneyard Elixirs played out as much as they could performing original music around North Central Indiana.  The band eventually parted ways with R.S. Lowe and picked up another old friend Matt Losure on Bass.  Matt stayed on for a while then the fellas had to make another change, tried to get another old friend Joe Rice to join but it just didn't work.  The fellas ran into another friend Dewayne Hughes who played bass with them for a year or so.  During the time with Dewayne the band played a few higher exposure shows.  The Band really had a great time playing with Dewayne.  The Band now known as "The Elixirs" also recorded and released a EP/CD entitled "Gut Cuts" with help from their friends at "Gas City Records".  As luck would have it for the fellas, Dewayne Hughes left the band in late 2010 early 2011.

  Dan Tedder still fronts the band on guitar and lead vocals.  Dan is also the bands primary song writer.  Dan pulls inspiration from life to write songs that drive an unapologetic reckless full throttle fist right square in the face of Mid-West America.  Whitt joined The Elixirs in 2011 as the bands first Stand up Bass player!  A fun, rowdy, cat with a life long addiction to writing, performing and playing Rock and Roll.  Whitt had heard and hired The Elixirs for events in the past and actually had them booked for a charity event planned for early summer of 2011.  One evening Joe called Whitt and stated we are probably going to have to cancel the show because our bass player quit!  Whitt threw his name in the hat, went over to jam with the fellas, upon arrival Dan stated "Jesus took my mother fucking bass player again".  The Elixirs had been on a run through several bass players.  The first rehearsal/audition went well, we sounded good and meshed well, and it just felt right.  We shared so many of the same influences and liked so many of the same artist.  This May not seem like a big deal to folks from the Big City, but in the little berg of Gas City, even meeting someone who enjoys and appreciates Alt. Country, Roots Country, and Psychobilly, is quite a rare occasion, not to mention meeting someone who nearly has a mirror of your record collection!  The band continued to write new music, play live, and play out more, now traveling all over the Mid West.  The Elixirs wrote and recorded their debut full Length CD "Long Gone" in the spring of 2012 the official release was in July.  Rounding out The Elixirs line-up is Dave the Dudeist on Drums.  Dave joined the band in late fall of 2012 after founding member Joe King left the band.  Dave the Dudeist brings a ton of experience as a professional musician, and the hard driving beats and tasty fills that Dan had always heard in his head.  
2012 was a busy and productive year for the band. 

  In 2013 the band is proud to say the line-up is solid, the band is gelling, getting along great, the songwriting is evolving, and the performances keep improving!  In April of this year The Elixirs announced that they have joined the Psycho A-Go-Go Records family.  Psycho A-Go-Go Records is an Independent Label based out out of San Antonio, Texas.  With the support of an Independent Label the Long Gone CD will be re-released in 2013.  The Elixirs will include a song from that CD and a new song on a Psycho A-Go-Go compilation due out in Late summer 2013.  Fall of 2013 is the goal for the recording of a 2nd full Length CD, the fellas have over 20 unrecorded new songs they will be hashing out live over the summer.  
Establishing themselves as one of the Mid-Wests finest Original American Rock and Roll bands is the goal.  The Elixirs are having a blast doing what they love, writing and performing music, and it shows!  You haven't really lived until you have stood at the edge of a stage watching and listening to The Elixirs pour themselves wholeheartedly into a high octane set filled with raw driving stories about life. 

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